In a bid to shake things up a bit, the Nokia brand is about to enter the smartphone market again.

The company has announced the launch of two new handsets with a similar look and feel to the Nokia 9.

Nokia 10 will be launched alongside the new Nokia 9 next week, with the company also releasing a companion app for the device.

The new Nokia 10 is set to be launched in March at a price of €699.99, with a release date of March 22nd.

The Nokia 9, meanwhile, is set for a mid-March launch in the same territory as the Nokia 8, and will also have a release time of March 28th.

Both the Nokia devices will have the same processor, and the Lumia 920 will have a 5.5-inch screen.

The two handsets are the result of a collaboration between Nokia and Sennheiser.

Both phones have been developed by Nokia’s engineering team, but the Nokia team has been responsible for the design of the new handset.

The device is a collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer, and is said to be the first handset in the Nokia family to incorporate Sennheimers wireless technology.

The Nokia 9 is said be the world’s thinnest smartphone, measuring just 6.3mm thick, while the Nokia phone will feature a 5,5cm screen.

It will be priced at €699 in Europe, €699 for the US, and €699 everywhere else.

Nokia has been working on the handset for a while, and its first product, the Lumia 8, is said by the company to have been unveiled in 2016.

The 9 and 9+ will have similar design features, though the Nokia flagship device will be slightly smaller and have a fingerprint sensor.

The design of both devices are said to have taken place over a period of months, with Nokia engineers tweaking the design in order to bring it to the final stage.

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