How to make your own interactive maps and interactive maps for the Google Play Store

Google Play is known for being an online store for apps, but it’s also a marketplace for music, movies, and games.

Today, the search giant announced a new way to make the experience even more seamless: a Google Maps SDK.

In a blog post today, the company revealed that its Maps SDK is available for free to developers.

“We’ve worked with a large number of music and movie studios and publishers to enable their maps to be available on the Google Maps app for free,” Google wrote.

“Our mapping partners can now tap into the vast libraries of data that Google offers and use it to create rich interactive maps.”

Google will pay the music and film studios and record labels a minimum of $100 to use the SDK, with the rest of the money going to developers for creating interactive maps.

There are currently more than 100 music and video libraries available on Google Maps.

“Google Maps will become an even richer and more powerful platform for creators, as we are creating more of them,” wrote Chris Sussman, vice president of product management for Google Maps, in the blog post.

“With the Maps SDK, you’ll have the opportunity to add an entire ecosystem of interactive maps to your app and create an even better, more interactive experience.”

As you can see, the SDK has a number of new features.

It’s also worth noting that the Google map API has a new API version 2.1 that includes support for a new type of device called “smartphones.”

The SDK also provides a new “tap to zoom” feature.

Google says that this new feature is currently only available for developers working with “a handful of existing mapping apps.”

Google Play has had an interesting history with music and movies, with its free music and TV streaming services and its paid music services, both of which have been very popular with consumers.

The SDK will help developers to make more seamless integration with these services, and it’ll also help Google add more features to its maps.

For now, though, it’s a welcome addition to the Google maps experience.

The Google Play Music API will still be free for developers to use, but Google will be paying for developers who integrate their mapping data with Google’s existing music and media streaming services.

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