How the tech industry is changing to meet customers’ needs

The tech industry has changed dramatically in the last decade.

There are dozens of new services and technologies coming online that promise new and exciting ways to interact with consumers.

But there are still many hurdles ahead.

This story examines how technology is changing our lives and how we can keep up. 1 of 12 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × What is the tech world like today?

View Photos The big stories of 2016.

Caption The big ones of 2016 so far.

The year was full of highs and lows.

From Facebook’s social revolution to Google’s self-driving car, there were some amazing developments in tech.

From Apple to Uber, tech leaders are making headlines.

Here are some of the big stories from 2016.


Facebook Facebook bought Instagram in 2015 for $1.4 billion, and the company went from an early leader in online photo sharing to a dominant force in online social networking.

Instagram, along with its competitor Instagram Stories, helped fuel the social-media revolution.

Here’s how they did it. 2.

Google Google’s Google Glass was a breakthrough.

But the company was forced to cut its head back in 2014.

Its Android operating system, which it had used for years, had a serious security flaw that let hackers get into the system and steal data.

Google eventually patched the problem.

The company also spent $1 billion to fix its social-network security system.

Google is now facing more security challenges in the years ahead.

It has also been battling an existential threat from Facebook and other social-networking companies.


Amazon Amazon’s Fire tablets, which are powered by Amazon’s cloud computing platform, have been popular for years.

But they haven’t been popular with consumers, who are now increasingly demanding more from the devices.

Amazon, however, has been getting better at making them more user-friendly.


Facebook’s new Facebook Intercom service has a new user interface, but many people still don’t like it.

The new system is meant to make people more comfortable with sharing their phone numbers and social-news feeds with friends.

The service’s new features, which include a chat-room feature, also aren’t very user-friendlier than the old ones.


Amazon is working on a new way to share your location with your friends.

Amazon has teamed up with an online service that lets you use its own mapping service to find nearby stores and restaurants.


Facebook announced plans to let users check out a video of themselves without their social-security numbers, instead of their name, photo and address.


Facebook is partnering with the National Security Agency to build a new app that will let users view all of their social posts.


Amazon recently acquired a startup called Impressify, which uses artificial intelligence to improve how people interact with online advertisements.


Apple launched a new feature that lets users create and share videos on Facebook Live.


Facebook, Amazon and Google are all facing growing competition from social-sharing companies like Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

Some of these companies have been forced to focus on their own businesses.

Some are even trying to outdo each other.

Here is a look at how tech companies are changing and how they might keep up: 1.

Apple is introducing a new video-sharing app for iPhone users called Apple Video.

Users can upload a short clip to their Facebook page and get a message from the app, which then shows the video on their screen.

This is the first time Apple has allowed people to post a video in its app, and it’s not clear how much it will help users find videos that they don’t already have access to. 2,000 Apple video clips are already available.

The app allows users to share their own clips and their friends’ videos.

3,000 of these clips are uploaded daily.

4,000 are shared every hour.

5,000 clips are available for anyone to see.

Users get access to a number of options for how to share and view their clips.

They can also choose to show other people the clips and set the number of times they want to see them.

The ability to see the clips is also accessible from the Facebook app.

6,000 videos are available in Apple Video for iPhone.

7,000 iPhone videos are already uploaded daily, and a small number are available to people who buy the app.

8,000 iPhones are in Apple’s app store.

9,000 Mac videos are in the App Store, as are thousands of iPhone videos.

10,000 iPad videos are also in Apple Videos.

11,000 Facebook videos are being uploaded every hour, with some of those uploaded daily and some of them uploaded weekly.

12,000 Snapchat videos are not in the app store, either.

Apple, Facebook and Snapchat are in a battle to see which one can out-compete which other.

Some say they will be the winners in

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