1:55A new era of intercoms began this week with a new version of Apple’s intercom app.

The company released a beta version of the app on Thursday, and it has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times.

This version of Siri is not the same as the one that’s available on iOS devices, and the new version is not available in the Apple App Store.

The new version includes new features and new design, but it does not have Siri support for the same reason that the old version did.

The new version, like the old, includes an “Ask Siri” option for users to ask Siri questions about a specific subject, like if they are driving.

Apple did not say what those questions are.

Apple is trying to be the first to have a voice-activated intercom that is not a voice control app, which is the way most companies are able to provide voice-based answers.

The Intercoms app on the Apple app store has already been downloaded 4 million times and has been used by nearly 5 million users.

It has been on sale for several months, and Apple has already paid $50 million for the rights to make a new Siri app.

The Siri app on iOS does not use the Siri API or the Apple Web Services, but instead uses the Apple Mobile Services (APS) API to access information about voice commands and to send commands to the microphone.

APS allows for much more advanced capabilities than the voice-controlled interface found on iOS, including speech recognition, speech synthesis, and voice control.

Apple is also using a new, more powerful voice interface for the iPhone and iPad, which will be used for Siri on future devices.

Apple has also begun working on a Siri API for other products, like video conferencing, and has also released a series of tutorials on how to integrate the Siri interface with the new iPhone app.

This tutorial, called “Intercom for iPhone and Mac” is available to iOS developers as well.

This is the third major change in the Siri app this week.

Earlier this month, Apple released a new app called Siri for Android, which was developed for developers who wanted to integrate Siri into their apps.

The app also offers a variety of features for using Siri, including the ability to control Siri with voice commands, which allows users to access their devices via a smartphone or tablet, but does not support voice control at this time.

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