Transport Canada has announced that Canadian airlines will be paying more than $1,000 for an intercom that will help keep their passengers safe, as well as the ability to capture and share videos of incidents on social media.

The announcement on Tuesday is the latest in a series of moves that Transport Canada says it is making to enhance safety and enhance its intercom technology.

The department says it will continue to purchase a range of other technologies, such as cameras and radar, in order to improve safety.

“Safety and security are the top priorities for Transport Canada, and we are taking the necessary measures to ensure that Canadians have confidence that their personal information is being kept secure,” said spokesperson John Van Dongen in a statement.

The new measures come after a deadly terror attack in Canada’s capital in November, in which a man drove a truck through crowds on Parliament Hill and into a nearby street before being shot dead by police.

That incident sparked the national conversation about security and surveillance in Canada, which is home to a growing number of law enforcement agencies and is currently home to about 50,000 people, or about one-quarter of Canada’s population.