Apple has been rolling out wireless residential interconnects (WiFi) to homes across India.

Now, the company has announced an updated version of its iOS app for Android phones, which is designed to work with the latest devices from Android-powered makers such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

The new version of the iOS app can connect to a home network by connecting to a network with an LTE (Long Term Evolution) network that supports Wi-Fi.

The app supports both wired and wireless.

You’ll also need an internet connection.

The updated iOS app supports three new features.

First, the app can now be controlled with your voice, as it is now with its previous versions.

To control the app, just tap the “Home” icon on the Home screen.

This icon will give you control over the home network.

Second, the new version includes an option to change the network type to “broadcast”.

The app will now show the status of the home Wi-fi network as “Broadcast”, “Wireless”, or “Wi-Fi”.

Third, the home networks can now show an icon on their home screen that displays the number of people who have access to the home connection.

This can be useful for those with children or other guests, or when you want to check whether a particular network is being used by all the guests at a given time.

There are also a few new ways to access the app.

The first is to tap the icons on the home screen to open a settings menu, where you can enable the “WiFi” setting for the app to connect to the selected home network or “Broadcasting” to send out a notification to all the users in your network.

If you want the app and network to be turned off after a few minutes, you can tap the back button to clear the settings menu.

The second option is to choose a time when you plan to connect.

The settings menu opens automatically when you tap “Connect”.

The third option is that if you’re using the app for the first time and want to connect a Wi-FI network that doesn’t support a certain type of signal, you’ll need to create a new “Broadcaster” channel.

The channel name will appear on the app’s home screen.

The “Broadcasters” channel can be either broadcast or Wi-Fong (short for “Broadcom”).

If the network you’re connecting to supports a particular type of Wi-Fu, the network name will be set to “WiFong” or “broadcasting” or whichever name is the most commonly used.

Finally, the settings of the app now include a notification if a Wi Fi network is down for more than a few seconds.

The notification will display the number and duration of down times.

You can also choose to show the number or duration of up to 30 minutes if you want.

You will need to connect again if you wish to continue using the Wi-Fa network.

In terms of performance, the updated iOS version of iPhone app works like the previous version, except that it now has a “Wi Fi” mode option to control the application.

If the Wi Fi channel is being broadcast, the apps settings will show the channel number and frequency.

In addition, if the network is “Broadcasts” or not, the channel will display its duration.

With the latest iPhone versions, there’s a new feature that lets you set up the app so that it sends out a “previous signal” notification whenever the app is in Wi-Frong mode.

This feature will alert you when the app detects that it is in an “Intercom” mode and will ask you to enable the WiFi setting.

Once enabled, you will see a message telling you whether the app should be considered as “Interruptible”.

If you do, the notification will be shown as “Disconnected”.

With this new Wi- Fi mode, the iOS version will automatically turn off the device after a period of time, and the app will stop sending out a signal message when you disconnect.

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