A new iPhone 5s is coming soon, and Apple’s new Wi-fi intercom app for iOS 10 has a few tricks up its sleeve to make it look like the old iPhone 5c with better performance.

In fact, this iPhone is not the iPhone 5C, but the iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6s is a very different device, and you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two unless you have an iPhone 6 or older.

Here’s how to get your iPhone 5 phone to work with the new iPhone with Wi of Fi intercom.1.

Enable the app in Settings.2.

Select the “Wi-Fi Intercom” option in the app settings.3.

Select “Connect” and then “Start”.4.

You should see an “OK” prompt when prompted to connect to your phone.5.

When connected to your iPhone, tap the icon in the top right corner of the screen.6.

When prompted, select “Activate”, “Activation” and “Start” to begin the setup process.7.

Once the setup is complete, tap “Done” to exit the app.8.

Go back to the main settings menu and select “Settings”.9.

Once there, tap on “WiFi” in the list and select the option you used to activate your iPhone.

You should now see a “Wi Fi” option next to the iPhone name.10.

When it’s enabled, tap it to go to the Settings app, and select ‘System Settings’.11.

Under ‘Network’, tap “Internet”.12.

Scroll down to “Advanced”.

Under “Device Access Settings”, select the “Internet” option.13.

Under “Security Settings”, you should now have a list of “Internet Protocols” you can enable, under “Suspicious Activity Protection”.

Enable the “Sustained Access” option and turn it on.14.

When enabled, select your device in the left pane of the app and tap the “+” symbol next to “Internet Service”.15.

Tap the “+1” icon next to ‘Start’ to begin an “intercom call”.16.

When the phone rings, tap to hear a call.17.

When you’re done, tap ‘Done’ to exit out of the phone.18.

Go to the settings menu again and tap on ‘Wi-FI’ again.19.

Under Wi-FI, tap either “Start or Stop” or “Start Intercom Call”.20.

You will now be taken to a screen similar to this one.21.

Under the “System Settings” section, scroll down to the “Accessibility” section.

Tap on the “+”, or “+2” icon.22.

Under Settings, select the Wi-Fiber option.23.

Select a phone number from the dropdown.24.

You can also enter a name for your device by entering “iPhone”.25.

Tap “OK”.

Your iPhone will now begin a call with the phone number you just entered.

If you’re still having trouble getting it to ring, make sure your phone is turned on.

The phone will automatically turn off if it’s not turned on while you’re calling.

If you turn off the phone while you are calling, the phone will go into sleep mode and the system will stop working.

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