Intercom headsets allow users to hear inaudible audio from any of the 500,000 devices in the world.

The devices, which come in three main sizes: the $20 intercoms that are made of a transparent plastic, $40 headsets that are metal and are built to look like a phone, and $60 headphones that are plastic and are shaped like a microphone.

The intercom headsets are part of the new $300 Intercom product line that Amazon is selling.

Intercom headphones come in a variety of designs, with the most popular looking being the $60 headsets that have an embedded microphone and speaker.

A recent Kickstarter campaign called Intercom Blackout aims to make the $100 intercom headphones cheaper.

The device itself, which comes in a plastic casing, is a large piece of plastic that looks like a headset.

It connects to a microphone that sits on a side of the device.

Users sit in a chair that looks to the left and press the button on the side of it to initiate audio streaming.

When they do so, the speaker’s speaker is turned on, and a small speaker pops up that can be turned off.

A button at the bottom of the headphones is a volume control, and users can use it to mute the speaker or adjust the volume of the audio stream.

Interco said the new headsets use a special microphone called the Tether 2 that has been specially designed for voice and video calls.

The headset uses a proprietary software to send voice and audio data, with no interference to the normal radio waves.

That means it can’t be picked up by cell phones, televisions, or any other devices that can pick up the signal.

The Tether device is built to work with Amazon’s Alexa technology.

Alexa can be programmed to listen for incoming calls or to listen to voice commands from a device such as a smartphone.

Alexa has a number of functions, such as reading your calendar and taking photos, that users can access using voice commands.

The new Amazon products will be available for purchase in December, after which the device will be discontinued.

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