NEW YORK ( — When you need to talk to someone on the other end of an intercom or a text message, you’re probably not alone.

And there are plenty of apps to help.

Here are a few you might not know you have.

The Conversation Intercom and Conversation Interphone are great for connecting.

Using a phone app, you can talk to people in your neighborhood without breaking any laws.

It’s called the Conversation Intermezzolino, or CII.

If you don’t mind your conversation going on for a while, you may not be able to use it on your phone.

You can buy the phone app and get an interphone, which is like a normal intercom.

The conversation can be carried on in a conversation with the other person or in a short video call.

But the Conversation Intelli-Voice Interphone is a good option if you’re in a crowded room or if you prefer a quiet way to talk.

If you don-t have the money for a normal conversation intercom app, an app called Conversation InterCom is also available.

It lets you speak to other people with the Intercom app on your smartphone.

You can get an Interphone from any of these apps:The ConversationIntercom (iOS and Android) can be downloaded from Apple or Google Play for about $15.

You get a call on the phone, and the conversation takes place over an interconnet.

ConversationInterphone (iOS) costs $14.99, and ConversationInterMezzolinos costs $20.

The app works with phones running iOS 7 or 8.

You may want to upgrade if you have iOS 10 or later.

Another popular app for texting and talking is the Interphone app, which costs about $3.99 for both the iPhone and Android versions.

This app lets you talk on your cell phone and then text or call anyone in your area, even if you don.

It has two modes: the standard Interphone mode where you speak, and a more expensive Interphone Plus mode where all calls are routed to your phone number.

While you can use InterphonePlus to text and talk, you have to use the app to talk, too.

It takes the conversation to the other side of the phone.

If someone doesn’t have a phone number on their account, they’ll have to call the number first.

There are also other apps that let you talk to your friend.

You might want to check out the Interline Interphone App or Interphone Interphone Service for $2.99.

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