Posted October 14, 2019 09:51:59 When you think of a gate interphone, you might think of an intercom that you use to make phone calls, or an interphone system that helps you make calls on your mobile phone.

But there’s another type of interphone that is also used for the same purpose.

It’s called an intercall system.

And if you have a gateintercom system that you need help with, the answer is probably yes.

You may know about gate interphones from the fact that some people use them to call out emergency services or other people, like the ABC’s Amber O’Donnell.

But for others, they’re used more for a different purpose.

The ABC’s Matt Dickson has found that some Australian towns have adopted gates interphones for emergency communication and police callouts.

Some people who live in towns where there is an emergency callout system, such as in Newcastle, are not able to access the system to make a phone call.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) asked local residents to explain why they would not be able to call in a call from a gate or interphone if the system were to fail.

Some residents who live on the Gold Coast, in Victoria’s far north, said they did not want to miss an emergency situation.

The Gold Coast is a popular tourist destination in Australia and has been hit by a string of floods that have left thousands of people homeless.

The situation on the coast has been described by the ABC as “devastating”.

In the aftermath of the floods, emergency services are trying to communicate with people on the ground.

But some of those on the road are frustrated that they can’t call people back.

The Queensland Police Department’s emergency operations centre, which operates the gateinterphone system, said some people were using the system as a call-out system.

“It’s very much a ‘go get it’ thing, where you’re not actually answering,” Sergeant David Dickson said.

He said the system was used to call the Gold-Coburg police station on weekends and holidays.

“If people get a call, they’ve got to call back,” Sergeant Dickson told the ABC.

“We call in on Sundays, so it’s a bit of a go get it, so that’s why some people do it on weekends.”

Sergeant Dickson says he’s seen a lot of people on roads who have to call a local police station and get through to an officer to get the call.

But he’s also seen people who don’t want to bother with the call to a police station or police headquarters, or they don’t know how to use a gate-interphone, but still want to make calls.

“People who don�t want to use the interphone and don�ts know how they can use it are a little bit frustrated that it’s not working for them,” Sergeant Daniel said.

“I think it’s something people are just not willing to take on.”

Sergeants Dickson and Daniel have been using gates interphone to help people on a number of occasions.

They’re also working to introduce a new system to help communities manage their own interphone systems.

But they’re concerned that this will be used for other reasons, including to get a police response, and not the right people to help out.


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