A lot of people are talking about Apple’s rumored iPhone 8.

I’m not.

This device will not replace an iPhone.

Apple has made it clear it doesn’t want to sell a $1,000 phone to anyone.

I think the iPhone 8 is going to be great for the majority of people, but the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be great, too.

I don’t want a phone that will make me feel like I need to be plugged in at the office every day.

But if I want to make sure I’m plugged in for business meetings, I need a phone with a headphone jack.

So my question is: Can I still buy the iPhone?

My answer: Yes.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the best iPhone phones ever.

The phones are great.

The battery life is amazing.

And Apple has done a great job of engineering a phone designed for work and home use.

And if I had a choice between a new iPhone and the iPhone 6S, I’d probably buy the phone I love.

But this isn’t the only reason I think Apple is doing well.

If Apple is going the iPhone route, I think it will sell the iPhone to a significant number of people.

And people who love the iPhone will buy the phones.

This is because people who like the iPhone want a smartphone that they can keep in their pockets and keep on the go, which is why I don,t think there’s much of a reason for Apple to release another phone in the future.

If the iPhone is going iPhone, it will be in a premium, slightly bigger-than-the-iPhone-7 size.

And that’s because Apple wants people to keep their phones in their pocket, too, so the iPhone doesn’t need to look like a giant tablet, like the iPad Air.

It can be small, and it can be big, and that’s a big selling point.

The iPhone 6s Plus will probably be even bigger than the iPhone 5s, which has a 4.7-inch screen and a Snapdragon 835 chip, both of which Apple says are capable of more than 5 million processing cores.

But I’m a big fan of the iPhone’s smaller screen size, and I like the way the iPhone feels in my hand.

That’s what makes the iPhone even better than the iPad Pro, because it’s small enough to use while watching movies and listening to music.

And with the iPhone and iPad Pro and the iPad Mini, Apple has taken the best features of the iPad and the Mac and added new ones.

If I had to pick just one phone, it’d be the iPhone X, because I really like the screen size and the camera and the build quality and the screen real estate and the fingerprint sensor.

The bigger the screen, the more I want a good screen.

I know I do.

The more the iPhone has to look big, the less I want it to look small.

I like phones that look great.

I love phones that have a lot of glass.

I really love phones with a lot more screen realestate.

And I love iPhones that are small and sleek and light.

So yes, the iPhone does have a very large screen.

But it’s just a very small screen, and if you don’t mind the fact that you can’t see everything on the screen or that you don.t want to see the rest of your phone when you are not using it, I still think the biggest problem with the bigger screen is that it makes the phone feel bigger.

And for that reason, I like a phone which is bigger than I need it to be, and for that purpose, I would pick the iPhone 10.

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