New $200m Hikvision interpresence system to come to the US

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 05: A man uses an internet connection to listen to an intercom as he walks in a retail store at the J.C. Penney Center February 5, 2017 in New York City.

The new Hikvision Interpresence System (ISAS) will allow a consumer to use the internet and connect to other businesses via a connected smartphone app.

The system is set to launch in March 2018 and be able to be used in hotels, restaurants and other venues.

The $200 million US-based company will also sell the system to governments and other organizations.

Photographer: Michael Short/Bloomberg via Getty Images The new ISAS will allow customers to buy goods from online stores, use it to buy items from a kiosk, and communicate with a connected device that will be able monitor customer interaction and provide live video feeds.

The ISAS system will allow consumers to buy products from online retailers, use them to buy other items from kiosks, and commune with other devices. 

Hikvision Interpreter, a New York based company, will use the new system to allow consumers the ability to purchase goods and services from online retail and online retail outlets, but the system will not be able function for online retail businesses. 

The ISAS, which will be sold through retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Home Depot, will not allow for the ability for retail outlets to provide the services of a hotel. 

“The company is focused on delivering the best online experience possible for our customers,” said Andrew Ritter, president and CEO of Hikvision.

“We want to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their shopping experience with the Hikvision Interactive Interpresences.

We have taken the time to carefully research and develop the product, and have made the right decisions to bring it to market.” 

According to Ritter’s company website, the HikVision Interactive Interpreters will allow for an “interactive shopping experience that will provide customers with the highest level of convenience and convenience at a reasonable cost.” 

The company plans to roll out the new ISAs worldwide in 2019, but is now targeting markets in Asia and Latin America. 

In 2018, the company said that its Hikvision Smart Interpresent System would be available to consumers in China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. 

There is no word on pricing or when customers will be eligible for the new technology.

Development Is Supported By

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