The window interorg system used to control an off-road vehicle’s intercom systems.

(Supplied: National Automotive Research Council)In some ways, it’s a simple system to change.

It has been around for about 40 years.

Its purpose is to make sure the window interroggers work in tandem with the vehicle’s electronic system.

It’s an idea that has been used in many vehicles for decades.

“It’s really easy to change, and it’s really simple to install,” said John Clements, a communications specialist who worked in the communications industry in the 1980s.

“And it’s actually quite cheap.”

The National Automobile Research Council (NARCC) says the system, now in use on about 1.2 million vehicles, has saved owners millions of dollars.

“We actually see a lot of customers who have a system where they’ve been working on the intercom for a long time and just haven’t had a good time with it,” said Mark Taylor, president of the National Automotives Association.

“But then it’s very easy to get back into that mode.”

The system was developed in the 1960s by the National Motor Vehicle Safety Institute (NMVSI), a private, non-profit organization.

It was used in all sorts of vehicles.

In the 1970s, it was the focus of a pilot program at a Michigan university to test whether it would work in off-roading situations.

The system worked well, Taylor said.

It could identify when the vehicle was going to turn and automatically turn off the interphone system when it was safe to do so.

But it also had the ability to detect when a vehicle was in motion.

That’s when it started to get a bit tricky.

“We had to change the window on a number of different vehicles in order to work,” Taylor said, adding that the system didn’t work well in the back seat of a pickup truck, where it was hard to hear the horn.

“So we tried the intercombers on the passenger side and we had no luck,” he said.

Eventually, the system was tested in a commercial vehicle, Taylor added.

The company tested a vehicle on the highway and found that it worked better than the previous window interphone.

That meant it was time to start testing on the off-highway.

The first test in that vehicle took place in June in Ontario, where a trucker was driving through a rural community and came across a car stopped at a stoplight.

The trucker activated the window and, using the intercellular phone system, called 911.

“That was a big deal for me because I had to tell the dispatcher that the vehicle had stopped,” said the trucker.

“It was a very important step in getting the vehicle to go away from the road.”

The truckers’ test vehicle, which was the same size as a Chevrolet pickup truck and weighed about 3,000 kilograms, had no problems with the window system.

“In fact, it worked perfectly, and the window worked,” Taylor added, noting that the truck driver also didn’t notice any interference with the intercarrier.

“He was just sitting there listening.”

That truck driver, and many others, began to notice problems with their radios and eventually started asking questions about the system.

The trucker, who is now retired, told the CBC he’s been on a few other trips where windows have been broken.

He eventually got into an accident in 2014 and suffered a broken pelvis and a cracked ribs.

After the truck owner contacted the NARCC, the regulator stepped in to inspect the truck and found no signs of damage.

“If you were to break any window, that would be a very bad outcome,” Taylor told the commission.

“So you’ve got to be extremely careful when you do this kind of work.”

The NARRC said it’s not sure why a window interrobang is not effective in all cases.

It noted that there are two types of windows: the standard window on the inside of the vehicle and the semi-reflective window on its exterior.

It said it doesn’t have data to back up the NARRAC report that said a semi-synthetic window on an offroad vehicle is ineffective.

It said the window in the truck’s rear window that broke was “not representative of all window interlocks in operation today.”NARAC says the window is a product of the 1970’s and the “unusual nature of off- road use” in that day.

It recommends that any vehicle in which a window is installed should have a manual window interlock system.

In the NCARC report, the company said it has tested on more than a million vehicles and found there are no serious problems with it.

“In our experience, windows have not been found to interfere with other vehicles, and windows are not likely to damage a vehicle in the event of a collision

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