What’s happening to the next big gaming company?

By now, everyone knows that AMD is going to launch the Radeon RX 480 in August.

As usual, that means we’re going to have to wait until the second half of this year to see what AMD has up its sleeve.

Today, the company announced that it’s releasing a new driver that adds support for the RX 480.

It’s called the Polaris 11.

The Polaris 11 update introduces support for AMD’s latest architecture, Polaris 10.

AMD is not the first company to bring support for a new architecture, but the company’s use of a new naming convention and the fact that it brings it as a standalone driver means that this one is going up against Nvidia’s latest Maxwell-based Maxwell GPU.

AMD’s new Polaris 11 driver doesn’t do anything groundbreaking, but it does add support for several features that Nvidia’s drivers haven’t had access to for a while.

First, AMD has added support for hardware-accelerated texture filtering, which has been on the roadmap for some time.

AMD also added support to AMD’s proprietary Vulkan API to enable new graphics cards to run on the Polaris 10 architecture.

The third feature that AMD adds is support for DirectX 12.

This is an API that Nvidia used to make its game engines more flexible and enable new rendering techniques, but AMD’s implementation is still missing from its new driver.

The AMD-developed Vulkan API allows developers to create games that can be played on different hardware and to optimize performance by using multiple rendering pipelines.

While we haven’t seen the full extent of Vulkan yet, we do know that the AMD drivers use the Vulkan API in a more efficient way.

The driver for AMD Polaris 11 also adds support to the AMD’s upcoming Radeon R9 Fury, which is going out in August for around $399.

AMD doesn’t have any details on pricing yet, but we expect that prices will come down with time.

The company also announced support for Nvidia’s Vulkan API.

It supports the Vulkan APIs for all the major platforms, and it’s expected that all new Nvidia graphics cards will be able to use Vulkan.

As far as AMD’s Radeon RX series is concerned, this is the third driver that we’ve seen that it added support.

The Radeon RX 580 was released in August and the Radeon R7 480 was released just over a month ago.

The R9 390 and R9 380 have been out since then, but Nvidia has yet to officially announce the pricing of these cards.

Nvidia has said that the Radeon cards will run on its upcoming Pascal GPUs, but they’ve also announced that the cards will also run on AMD’s own next-gen Radeon Vega GPUs.

The Vega GPUs will be based on the Vega architecture, which AMD’s Polaris 10 driver doesn and AMD’s Vulkan driver doesn.

The Nvidia-built Vega cards will not be based around Vega, but instead will be AMD’s flagship GPUs for years to come.

Nvidia and AMD have not officially announced any pricing or release dates for either of these GPUs, and we don’t know when AMD’s Vega GPUs are going to be available for sale.

Nvidia is expected to make the GeForce GTX 1060 available at a price around $549, while AMD is expected, if not quite ready to announce its GeForce GTX 1080 and GeForce GTX 1070 graphics cards.

The GeForce GTX 980 Ti, GeForce GTX 970, GeForce GT 1060, GeForce MX150, GeForce Titan X, GeForce TITAN Z, and GeForce Titan will also launch this fall.

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