Google has a new product that it says will help interphone users avoid the hassle of unlocking their phone, as well as prevent them from losing control of their phone.

The company’s new phone, the Interphone, will include a new feature called “hands free Interphone” that lets users press a button to speak to a person in an interphone conversation.

This will let them speak to the person without having to reach for their phone’s remote control, or the physical buttons that are usually pressed to talk.

Google also says the phone will have a “virtual” feature that lets people talk to their friends in the background, or use their phone as a remote control to do so.

Google says this will allow users to talk to other people while using the phone, which could save battery life.

Interphone is one of several phones that Google is developing that are aimed at users who are afraid to hold their phones at all times, or don’t want to get into a conversation if their phone isn’t turned off.

But the company said this feature is designed to give users more control of what they’re doing.

“Interphone will be one of the first hands free products from Google,” Google’s new product description reads.

“Interphone lets users speak in the same way they would talk on their phone — with voice commands that will always be on.”

Interphone has been available on Google’s Android phones for a few years now, but Google hasn’t said if it will include the feature on its next Android smartphone, codenamed Project Ara.

Google’s announcement of the new product comes after Motorola and LG announced their own new phones that have a similar feature.

Both Google and Motorola are working on projects that aim to make their phones more usable in the real world, but those projects have so far been focused on phones that are more powerful than those that Google already makes.

Google already makes a number of phones with built-in voice assistants, but the company also makes phones that use software that helps users control the phones via remote commands.

The Interphone has the ability to ask users to speak into a microphone, which makes it one of those phones that will be available on Android phones in the next few years.

Google has been working on the InterPhone for a while, and it first launched the phone with the InterVoice beta program in 2013.

It was announced in January 2014, and the Intervoice phones have been available since March 2015.

Development Is Supported By

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