The NHL is using a new intercom to communicate with players and officials, a feature the league hopes will improve communication between players and players and referees.

The new system is designed to improve communication with players by allowing players to easily communicate with the officials on the ice and at the boards, league officials said in a news release Monday.

The new interphone is designed specifically for the modern game.

It has been designed to work with a modern intercom system that is more effective at communicating information to players and more convenient for officials, according to NHL Vice President and General Manager Bob Nicholson.

The interphone features a large, round display with an audio-only interface, a speaker on either side and a microphone on either end.

The microphone has a speaker that can be used to speak to an opponent on the opposite side of the ice.

The NHL’s new interoffice system is also designed to increase communication with the fans, officials said.

Fans will be able to interact with officials in a number of ways, including through live tweets and the ability to see the officials’ statuses on the scoreboard, which will be shown on the main screen, officials added.

In addition, fans will be invited to use their phones to follow the game from the ice, officials also said.

Fans will be provided a live video feed from the intercom and can watch all officials’ activities from their phones, officials told the Associated Press.

Fans can watch games using their phones or tablets, or even in the comfort of their own homes, officials explained.

The video feed will be live for up to 20 minutes, with replays available at the conclusion of each period.

It is not designed to broadcast any live games, and the NHL has no plans to broadcast games at any time during the regular season.

The current interphone system can handle two different types of intercoms: the traditional “wireless” one and the “wirelessly” one that uses Bluetooth technology, officials clarified.

The wireless intercom is designed for hockey, and its audio output can be monitored by the league and NHL players via video conferencing or a smartphone.

It can be connected to a computer or a laptop.

The wireless intercom also has a digital audio interface and is designed primarily for professional and government audiences, officials noted.

The NHL’s wireless interphone will be a more traditional “live video” system that can handle both traditional and live broadcasts of the game, officials continued.

Players will also be able watch games on their phones from their seats in the arena, officials revealed.

They will also have the ability, through the video conference, to monitor games from the bench, the bench press and even from the boards.

There will also reportedly be a new video-based scoreboard on the concourse, where the officials will have the capability to see game-by-game information, and a new app for the official website.

The app will be updated for mobile devices.

The league has also implemented new technology to improve communications between players on the bench and the officials, officials announced.

The app will allow fans to watch all of the officials in the game with a quick glance, while the officials can also quickly find out who is on the other side of each player and who is off the ice at any given time, NHL officials said, adding that the system is currently available for iPhone and Android phones.

The goal is to allow fans who are not playing to easily access the officials at any moment, while also providing fans with a high level of visibility into the game,” officials said of the app.

The technology will be available starting in the 2018-19 season, and it will be accessible to players as soon as the new technology is ready, the officials said at the time.

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