Sonos, the company that makes the streaming music service, has a new app that it hopes will make the world’s most popular home theater system more like a home theater.

Sonos has announced a new Sonos app called Sonos Intercom, and it will allow users to communicate with each other, watch live TV, and play games using Sonos technology.

The app will also allow users on different devices to communicate in a variety of ways.

The Sonos application has already been in testing, and we’ve had it installed on a variety and interesting devices over the past couple weeks, but this new app is the first time that it’s been released to the public.

In fact, the Sonos team has confirmed that the app is available on a number of devices.

Sonus is the company behind the Sonus Box, a box-like device that lets you stream music to a single room.

It works on virtually any audio-capable speaker system, including Apple’s new speakers, Sony’s new tweeters, and more.

But unlike other Sonos devices, Sonos is not designed to be connected to a home network, meaning you won’t be able to use the Sono app to control it, just as you can’t use an iPod or a Fire TV to control the Fire TV Stick.

Sonos says that this new Sono Intercom app will let users send and receive text messages, video calls, and control the Sonostate app through the SonOS app.

The app will allow Sonos users to create playlists, which they can then use to watch a variety a different content.

Sono says that the new Sonostation app will be a great addition to Sonos’ Sonos Box lineup of Sonos speakers, which includes the Sonio X1, Sonostat, and Sonos Link, as well as a Sonostatic X3 speaker.

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