Akuvox: A new voice of the rural economy

A rural voice is a voice that is not heard, but one that is heard, a voice of resilience and community.

This is the story of Akuvoox, a mobile radio service that has helped the town of Wainwright in Co Cork in Ireland reconnect to the world.

The radio station has also been instrumental in helping the city of Dungannon re-enter the mainstream.

Akuvox, which was founded in 2011, is a free, local, internet radio service in which listeners receive a local radio show with no advertisements and no advertising fees.

The station is currently broadcast on three major regional radio networks in Ireland, but is also available on two local FM radio stations in the UK.

Akuvos music is provided by local musicians.

The first Akuvotons radio show, Akuvoo, started in May 2017.

“It’s a very simple way to reach people in a way that they can’t reach their friends, their family, their neighbours.

It’s a way to connect with them in a very small way,” explains Dan McAlister, CEO of Akuvox.

Akuvox is currently broadcasting on four regional FM radio networks: the Republic of Ireland, the UK, Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

This means listeners can listen to Akuvootons radio shows on all of the major FM radio platforms, while also listening to local radio shows.

This is a huge opportunity for listeners to connect, listen to a show and connect to other people in their community, he explains.

“That’s the power of the service,” McAlisters says.

“People are connected to other communities and they have a community of support, and it’s very powerful.”

In 2015, Akuvoox launched the Akuvoon app, a platform for the community to get together to listen to the Akuvaoox radio shows from the station and share their stories.

It was a big success, with listeners from across Ireland and the UK using the app to connect and exchange information.

On average, a new Akuvoka is created every 24 hours.

That is up from around three a day in 2015.

In 2016, a total of 11,000 listeners joined the Akuuvaoax Twitter account to listen.

The account was then used to promote the station on social media and on local radio.

Dan McAlisher, CEO, AkUvoox

Development Is Supported By

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