NEW YORK — When 911 systems go out of synch, emergency dispatchers are advised to hold their hands out in a “hands-in” position and not reach for their phones.

That’s according to a new study from the Center for Research on Human Decision Processes at Stanford University.

The study looked at a number of 911 systems and found that, when they were out of synchronization, emergency responders were less likely to be able to respond to 911 calls.

In other words, if a call came in and the dispatcher didn’t understand how to translate a text message, they may not have a good understanding of what’s happening, said researcher Mark Fergus.

A better understanding of the situation, and how the 911 system is configured and configured to handle 911 calls, can help dispatlers make better decisions.

The study also found that dispatrollers were less accurate in interpreting the language they were hearing, and that emergency responders tended to err on the side of caution.

According to the report, the research team used a data set of 911 calls that was recorded from 2001 to 2013 to identify what is called the 911 Intercom System.

To understand the 911 System, we need to understand what is the 911 intercom device, Fergus said.

There are about 3,000 911 Interphones, and they’re designed to allow emergency dispats to talk to the operator of a 911 call without speaking directly to the phone.

They also allow emergency responders to make 911 calls from the dispatch center without speaking to the 911 operator.

We know that 911 Interphone technology is used by most 911 systems, and this study showed that it’s relatively well-known among emergency responders.

This technology is also used by many emergency systems to provide information on a 911 system, but we didn’t have access to that data, Ferguson said.

It was just something we could ask about and ask a colleague.

That data we had, it was a little bit of a challenge because we didn´t have access from the time 911 was first launched until sometime after 2001, Fales said.

Thats the time that 911 systems were really being developed and put into use.

Fergus and his colleagues, including Mark J. Miller, associate professor of electrical engineering at Stanford, and Joshua L. Zeman, associate research professor of computer science at the University of Michigan, used a variety of data sets and tools to collect data on 911 systems that were not available to the public.

What they found was that 911 system intercom systems are designed to work on a variety the radios, the cellphones, the computers, and the cellular phones.

They’re designed so that when the 911 dispatcher asks you to speak, you have to say yes.

You can only speak in the language that the 911 systems are configured to understand.

They found that there were many different types of 911 interphone systems, but all of them were designed to do the same thing.

This study was really designed to understand how these systems work.

It is important to note that these systems are not the only type of 911 system that uses 911 interconnect technology, and we have found other ways that 911 intercommunications work.

For example, there are several systems that use cellular phones and 911 interphones to coordinate calls, Farges said.

There are also systems that are equipped with radio-based communication, such as 911 radios.

This research has also identified other ways in which 911 intercommunication works.

The researchers found that 911 radios are often used by 911 dispatners and emergency responders, Fairs said.

The research also found a correlation between 911 systems being in sync and having fewer calls, which suggests that 911 dispats may not always be able find the best time to call 911.

We also looked at 911 intercommunications, which are different from the other types of intercommunications.

We looked at the 911 technology itself, which is the radio that is being used.

There were a number ways in the study that the technology could be configured.

There is no single set of procedures or procedures that would work on all 911 systems.

The protocol and protocols that are used are specific to the particular 911 system.

The systems that we studied are also specific to a particular region.

There was one study that looked at regional intercommunication systems in the United States, but there are a number systems that look at regional systems across the United Nations.

There has been a lot of research on the intercommunication technology.

There have been studies done on 911 interconnection systems around the world, and there is also research done by other researchers in the field.

What the research has shown is that 911 communications systems are fairly consistent.

There may be differences, but they are generally not as significant as the ones that we see in the media and in the public domain.

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