A podcast-style podcast is something that you listen to and watch on your phone while on the go.

Intercom, which has been working on a way to turn your phone into a phone app or podcast player, says it has found its first product: InterCom Intercom Smart Phone App.

InterCom says the app will give you access to podcasts, podcasts in your library, and even audio intersources.

The app itself is currently in beta, but if you’re interested in getting the beta version, you can sign up at the Intercom website.

InterCities is the developer of Intercom.

The startup says its Intercom product is an “intercom mobile app for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Phone 8.”

You can listen to podcasts using a device that has a microphone or a speakerphone and that has an NFC tag.

The InterCITIES app will work with your phone’s microphone and speakerphone.

For example, if you want to listen to an audio podcast, you could go to the app and tap “Play Podcast” and then “Listen to Audio.”

You’ll get an option to “Play a podcast or audio.”

It’s not yet clear if you’ll be able to stream podcasts or podcasts in the background.

This is not the first time InterCITS has looked to use a podcast player.

In September, the startup launched InterCits podcast app for iOS and Android.

Inter CITS said in a blog post that it was working on “new ways to create, manage, and deliver podcasts on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.”

The Inter CITIES app could have two purposes.

One, it could be used as a podcast app to listen while you’re driving.

The other, it might be used to manage and play audio podcasts, which can be played through an app like SoundCloud or TuneIn.

In the case of podcasts, InterCITY says you can play up to 30 episodes in a day.

That’s not too bad, given the fact that many of those podcasts are quite long.

The podcast player also works with Android and Windows Phones, which means you could also use it to listen in to podcasts on other devices.

InterCitys podcast app has some drawbacks.

Intercitys is using a podcast format that’s not entirely consistent.

If you listen too quickly, the app might not play the podcast at all.

If the podcast’s audio is very loud, you may need to mute the podcast.

And there’s no way to stop the app from playing the podcast once you’ve finished listening.

There’s also no way for you to view the podcast you’ve listened to, except via the podcast player itself.

The only way to get to the podcasts you want is to open the app, which is kind of a hassle.

I hope InterCATS smart phone app does not disappoint.

If InterCALS podcast app is not your cup of tea, the InterC cities app will be.

You can download it here.