It’s been almost 10 years since Sony’s Walkman first launched in Japan, and its still one of the most popular portable devices around.

But, with its new Walkman-like camera that can be attached to an iPhone or Android phone, Sony is looking to change that.

The Walkman Camera on the iPhone and the Walkman Phone on Android use an array of sensors to track your motion, which means that the Walkmans camera has the ability to capture the entirety of the room.

It’s not the best camera for all the people who want to get close to their friends and family, but it can still be useful for some people who aren’t used to using a camera on a phone.

Sony also introduced the Walkmen in Europe last year.

The iPhone’s Walkmen camera also has a “capture sound” mode that allows you to capture audio from the device, which is great for people who need to listen to their conversation while they are away from their phone.

The video above shows how Sony’s new Walkmans can be used as a camera for a selfie.

The camera can be placed on a backpack, a purse, or a belt.

Sony’s app for the Walkmats looks like an actual camera, and it’s not limited to just the Walkmens, so you can add the Walkmasters camera to other accessories like headphones, gloves, and other items.

But the Walkmaster Camera will be the only device that’s able to be connected to an external speaker, which makes it perfect for a DJ or a family reunion.

It can also be used for taking photos of people on the go.

Sony has a lot of interesting plans for the new Walkmids camera.

In a blog post, the company said that the cameras will be used to capture a live stream of music and movies, and they’ll also be able to track a person’s movements.

The company will also be releasing a camera app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

This app is still in beta, and Sony hasn’t announced any other features.

But there are a few features that you’ll be able add to the app that might be useful.

One feature is a “tether” feature that lets you place the Walkmins camera on any object, like a purse or a backpack.

Sony said that a “camera tether” could be used in “a way that is a natural, comfortable, and convenient way to capture footage.”

It will also let you use the camera with other accessories, like headphones or a speaker.

If you want to use the Walkmin’s camera with a phone, it will use your phone’s camera connection, so that it can be shared across all of your devices.

The new Walkmin will be available in stores beginning in October.

Sony is also offering the Walk Mids Camera for $349.99, and the new Sony Walkman is $299.99.

Sony plans to release both Walkmins in September and Walkmans in October, so it will be a while before these new cameras start to trickle out.

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