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Natural Product Rave: Herban Essentials Towelettes

By K. Eubanks Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Natural Product Rave: Herban Esssentials Lavender Towelettes
Hey gorgeous! I feel like it's been forever since we had a chit chat about beauty products. You all know how I love my natural products! Which is why I have decided that whenever I find a new product that I absolutely love I'll then, and only then, share it in a Natural Product Rave post for you guys.

So, while out looking for a few versital pieces for my minimal fall wardrobe I decided to pick up a product from the Herban Essentials line. They were actually on display right at the entry of the store as Urban Outfitters tends to do. 

Anywho, I picked up the product to read the back, as always, when I quickly noticed that the Herban Essential Lavender Towelettes only contained a total of three ingredients, and get this, I was able to pronounce all of them! Haha. I made sure to grab a bag before checking out. 

I've been using these towelettes for over a month now. I find myself reaching for them maybe a little too often, being that they were a little more than what I normally spend on towelettes. However, I must say that both my husband and I love them, though he will never admit it when asked. Go figure. 

I use them after a evening walk, when leaving an intense workout, and even when I just need a refresher while at work! I strategically place these things everywhere! Near the bathroom sink, at my desk, a couple in my purse, you name it... 

Since Lavender oil calms, distresses, relaxes and aids in a good nights sleep, I find myself also ripping one open towards the end of the day after both removing any makeup and washing my face. If Herban Essential Lavender Towelettes sound like something you'd also love, grab yours here. I would have to say they are definitely worth a repurchase. Xx

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  1. i need to try these! Sound amazing!

    • Brittany, I love them. If you do purchase some for yourself, I'd love to know your personal thoughts after giving them a try. Xx