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7 Things About Me, Kiara Sada.

By K. Eubanks Monday, April 13, 2015

Hi guys! I kinda struggled with picking which post to share first. There's seriously like a science to it and I wanted to ease into things. So here it is. I've put together 7 things about me to help you get to know me a little: 

1. I heart fashion... Like to the point where I'll gladly go window shopping with a girlfriend and not buy anything. I have two completely different styles, but both are truly me. I'll explain. See the more serious side of me loves to look polished and pulled together, when I feel like trying that is. On the other hand, I absolutely adore the free flowing bohemian style. Everything about it. That would be the other side of me, my calm, collected, & laid back personality. 

2. Not the "It Girl". I would so much rather sit on a curb and listen to a homeless guys life story than sit and entertain people who try ever so hard to appear to have it altogether. Just saying. And might I add that, it always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they're pretty. It's like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste.

3. Thee Minimalist. It's simple. My philosophy? "Buy less, choose well." And yes, this includes my love for fashion as well. How I do it? Again, simple.  
I only purchase staple pieces, and because I love color, I grab pastels or colors I can mix, coordinate, and re-pair again. Boom! 

4. Introverted and un-bothered. Sorry, not sorry. However, Id like to quickly take this moment to thank my close friends for not getting upset about my introverted ways...like not always wanting to hangout, or text, or, or, or...

5. Music is therapeutic. Id say when I'm in the car alone, or listening to music of my choice, it's normally light rock, neo soul, or if I'm cleaning it's country music. Yes, I said country music. Haha! I love lyrics that tell a story! My current favorite artist would have to be Sara Bareilles. She's just awesome in every way! 

6. A healthier alternative. Since "going natural" like forever ago, I have since been on a more healthier lifestyle journey. From beauty products to trying to choose the better, more healthier,  food options. Some days I do better than others, but it's well worth me working on it. I'm excited to be able to share a few tips with you all. So be sure to watch this space. K? K. :)

7. Kindness matters. No matter how many times its not commented on it's NEVER wasted. It always matters. I make it a point to smile and sprinkle kindness around like confetti. I'm just glad I have a kind husband who also feels the need to do so. It pretty much makes us feel human. :)

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little! I look forward to connecting with you next week on my next post!! Xx

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  1. I knew I adored you! This described me TO THE T! This is so great because I've been trying to figure out myself for a while and its so inspiring to read blogs of ones who are on the same journey or are there. And it's empowering when women in our age group and our generation are more like you. Keep it up K! ��
    Love, Danique

    • Hi Danique! Sounds like we have much in common. I would have to agree, I love finding other people on the same journey as I am. Makes me feel like I'm not a complete weirdo. Thanks for your comment, doll! Xx

  2. Fabulous! You have a heart of gold. It's evident in your Instagram and here on your lovely blog! Thanks for sprinkling confetti kindness in this corner of the interwebs :)

    • Hey Alyssa, those are some very kind words you took your time to jot down there. Thank you for making my day. Now I have to go run and tell my husband about your comment, haha. I hope you'll take a minute to sub if you haven't already. Xx

  3. I like the fact that you said introverted and unbothered, that describes me totally..